Saturday, December 18, 2010

Its the most.....busiest?....time of the year.

Its been pure madness around here. Madness I tell you!

I have a few projects completed, but have not had time to photograph them. My project list is STILL a mile long. Thats what I get for having the brilliant idea to do a "Handmade Christmas" and then waiting until 2 weeks before to get started. Typical me. At least I have some {little} helpers. ;) 

This is what my dinning room table looks like, since I don't have a designated crafting space things can get pretty messy. Okay, whatever, I'm the one who is pretty messy! 


  1. Too funny! My small craft corner looks like it threw up on itself. I also decided to go the 'handmade Christmas' route, and just started this week. LOL Hope you'll share some of your creations!

  2. LOL. Yes, I'd really like to see some of the stuff you're making on your blog! :)

  3. Wow, looks like you're crafting a lot of goodness there! And my little space also looks like it threw up or exploded. Ack! Hope to see some of your projects, soon!

  4. This looks awesome!! Hoping you are making some good progress :)