Monday, November 29, 2010

Glittery snowflake ornaments

I broke out my new plum Cricut Expression last night. You know, I had to test it out. I've been wanting to make these little snowflakes for a while, so thats the first thing I cut.

 I used the back of my 12X12 paper packs. Its a lightweight chipboard, about the same as a cereal box. I layed out all the snowflakes on my gyspy, that way I was able to fit 9-12 snowflakes per 12X12 mat.

I used some spray adhesive to completely coat both side of the snowflakes. It is so much easier than trying to cover them with a liquid adhesive.

Then I picked out some pretty colors of Martha Stewart glitter and went to town.

I decided to hang a few from my red chandelier, since I have yet to put up a tree...(or anything else)

I love how the sun catches all that glittery shine. I love glitter! 

By the way, I used the "When its cold outside" Cricut cartridge for these. If you'd like me to make you some, let me know and I can add some to my new Etsy shop. :) 


  1. Oh these are gorgeous & sparkly! Your kids must love them. I would too, lol. and hmm, spray adhesive...

  2. AAAAHHH!! I MUST have that cartridge. I LOVE them!

  3. What a 'sparkly' holiday decoration -lovely.

  4. So, so pretty!!!! I'm going to make some of these for sure!!!

  5. These are so pretty! They'll be beautiful on your tree! BTW... I think I saw some of these (pretty much the same exact thing) at Target for like $4 for a pack of 2. I'm just sayin... you could probably make a killing!

  6. Way fun!!!!! Your snowflakes totally make me smile!!!! I love the glitter and all color!!!